Formato Formato
max cm 70×100
Velocità Velocità
600 cicli/ora
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Roby 1.1

Esempi di prodotti realizzati con Roby 1.1

Roby 1.1 is a universal machine for gluing and mounting of two materials together (paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, polyurethane, etc). It can be employed for production of book covers, game boards, files, diplomas, puzzles, covers with labels or photos, easel displays, photo albums, DVD trays, personalized boxes and slip cases, passports, three-piece calendars, post-it notepads, etc.

The material to be glued is picked up from a high pile feeder by a special suction transport system, covered with glue and mounted onto the material that the operator has placed on the worktable. The top layer can be smaller, equal, or larger than the bottom layer. It may also have an irregular, die-cut shape.

The standard machine performs full surface gluing but upon request it can be equipped with a gluing system (usually hot-melt) that will allow selective gluing.


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