Zechini is working hard to satisfy the requests of its international customers

Red Arrow 2

Zechini is working very hard to satisfy the requests of its international customers.

Indeed, three Red Arrow 2 lines are going to be delivered soon to allow customers to produce high quality board to board books at a high speed.

Red Arrow 2 is the equipment that has changed the way these kinds of books are produced.
Depending on their specific needs, end users can highly customize their line to produce children’s books in a very easy, quick and economical way.

SD37 Libri per bambini

Over the past few weeks, Zechini has been in the spotlight because its international customers (who will be receiving the machinery soon) go on pre-testing their ordered lines in its Milanese seat.

More specifically, the above mentioned customers are companies that chose to widen the selection of machinery they have at their disposal and, consequently, the range of products they are able to offer: thanks to Red Arrow 2, they will also sell innovative items like children’s books with windows and movable parts, books with puzzles and toys, and so on.

The lines these customers bought, in addition to Red Arrow 2 for the production of board to board book blocks, also include solutions like Bombardier 2 for the casing-in of the blocks themselves into a cover, that could be made of rigid cardboard, flexible or padded board.

In order to be able to offer such a wide range of books, these international players chose to rely on Zechini. Zechini is pleased with their confidence and hopes this is just the first of a long series of steps that will take this promising product to success, above all considering the dynamism of the ever-growing market of children’s books.

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