Zechini celebrates 70th birthday

Today we would like to recall our story… A beautiful story that started with our parents’ idea of creating a company to create books. Our parents loved books and the bookbinding world in general. So… When Fiorino and Teresa were young, in 1952 they decided to open “La Fornigrafica” together.

Genius, entrepreneurship and a love story led to put the basis of an industrial leader company in Italy in the second half of the 20th century.

The love story soon became a family story: in 1957 the first one of us, Roberto, was born and joined the company as soon as he came of age. Our parents, the young Roberto and some friends of theirs led the initial artisan-sized company to develop into a small family-run organization.

The story went on with great satisfactions, but also with difficulties due to an economic, political and social crisis. The other one of us, the young Fulvio, at a later stage joined the family company as well and the whole Zechini family brought the organization abroad, becoming a real landmark for Italy and worldwide.

At this point, the name of the company was changed into “Zechini Gra.For”.

Stories spring, they are written, they are bound and then become a book.

We have not become a book yet, but we remain a solid Italian story that everyday is told by our own machines.

Today, the third generation of our family, Giulia and Filippo, together with us, Roberto and Fulvio, are all pleased and honored to celebrate our 70th anniversary with a new refreshed corporate image.

Our new logo reminds us of the pages of our time and our first love for books.

70 years are quite a long time and our journey has been possible and satisfying also thanks to you. Thank you to believe in our solutions and expertise and to cooperated to create our production line of high quality equipment.

This anniversary is really important for us and we are very sorry that we can not celebrate vis-à-vis all together owing to the overall health and political situation. But the meeting is just postponed. The joy and the enthusiasm that have always been typical of our family continue: our 70th birthday is just a starting point of a new story.

Roberto & Fulvio


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