X-Book 3
Hardcover books solution

The X-Book 3 solution is a complete line of bookbinding machines designed for the production of hardcover books.It has been designed for on-demand, short-run and medium-run production.

The line is extremely easy to use and versatile thanks to the presence of a joystick on each machine that composes it. The joystick enables the changeover to be done rapidly without the need of any tools or programming.

X-Book 3.0

Fast and flexible

The solutionX-Book 3.0 allows youto produce a book in just 80 seconds
and to change the product size in 20 seconds.

Three machines, one solution

The x-Book 3 solutionX-Book 3 consists of three machines that can also be used by itself:
Casemaker, Casing-in machine, Book press and joint forming machine

Roby Zero

Roby Zero

X-Case cube

X-Case Cube

Casing-in machine
X-Forming 3

X Forming Cube

Book press and joint forming machine

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