X-Book 3
Hardcover books solution

The X-Book 3 solution is a complete bookbinding line designed for the manufacturing of hardcover books.
The line is extremely simple to use and versatile thanks to the presence of the joystick in each machine it is composed of.
It was planned for small, medium and on demand runs to meet every production need.

X-Book 3.0

Fast and flexible

X-Book 3 allows you to make a book in 80 seconds and to change the size in 20 seconds.

3 machines, 1 solution

The X-Book 3 line is composed of three main machines which could be also used individually:
casemaker, casing-in machine, book pressing and joint forming machine.

Roby Zero

Roby Zero


X-Case 3

X-Case 3

Casing-in machine

X-Forming 3

X Forming 3

Book pressing and Joint forming machine

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