Enter Red Arrow 2. The evolution of children’s book machines.

SIGMA Red Arrow 2, máquina para la producción de libros en cartón

Here at Zechini the research never ceases and even successful products are subject to updates and improvement. The latest example is the Red Arrow, a leading machine for the production of board books for pre-school children, which has just been thoroughly redesigned to provide a higher output and greater ease of use. This was done in cooperation between the existing users of this machine and our R&D department which continuously strives to better itself.
The new Red Arrow 2 is an automatic, modular line for the production of children’s books made of cardboard. It features a feeder for the insertion of an intermediate reinforcing board and a system for selective gluing of pages with windows or jigsaw puzzles.

Upon request the Red Arrow 2 can be connected in-line with our new gathering machine especially developed to work with board and featuring non-stop loading. The Red Arrow 2 feeds, folds, applies glue and mounts the cardboard signatures into book blocks which is subsequently accurately registered.

The Red Arrow 2 has a modular build. It is available in three versions and can be personalized.
Discover more by visiting the new dedicated website: https://www.children-book-machine.com
For more information and personalized consulting feel free to contact us.

With the Red Arrow 2 increasing the production and quality of children’s books becomes a child’s play!

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