FormatoSize max cm 110 x 110
VelocitàSpeed 15/25 pz. per min.
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Symphony 3

Product examples realized by Symphony 3

Symphony 3 is the grooving machine for cardboard, equipped with 90° or 120° V-shaped blades, in addition to U-shaped blades. It is able to groo- ve the board in up to 4 different points without any dust, and it can also kiss-cut the cardboard. The equipment is used for the production of both hard covers and boxes. In this case indeed, Symphony 3 in its Symphony 3C version can remove also the cut-off corners of the board.


Complementary machines

  • B.ON.D

    Solution for production of luxury boxes

    FormatoSize max cm 42x40x12h min  cm 8x8x1h

    Mechanical speed
    600 - 1.200 pieces/h

  • C.I.O.P.


    Collapsible walls mounting station

    FormatoSize max cm 5-10
    VelocitàSpeed 1200 cycles / hour
  • C.I.P.


    Automatic box positioner

    FormatoSize max cm 50x45
    VelocitàSpeed 1200 hour
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