FormatoSize max cm 50x32,5
SpeedSpeed 500 cycles/hour

X Forming

SD5 Cimatic

Product examples realized by X Forming.

X Forming is a book pressing and joint forming machine. The machine consist of:

  • Book infeed
  • Pressing and joint forming stations (Joints are formed with heated blades) delivery
  • Hydro-dynamic book pressing system
  • Pneumatic joint forming system
  • Temperature control
  • Timer for pression control


Alternative machines

  • X-Forming 3

    X Forming Cube

    Book pressing and joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    SizeSize max cm 50x32,5
    SpeedSpeed 8 cycles/min
  • Special

    Special 85

    Book pressing machine

    SD32 Special
    SizeSize max cm 38x55
    Stack heightStack height cm 44
  • Cimatic

    Cimatic 04

    Joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    FormatoSize max cm 48
    SpeedSpeed 300 cycles/hour

Complementary machines

  • X-Case Plus

    X-Case Plus

    Casing-in machine

    SizeSize max cm 50x22
    SpeedSpeed 350 books/hour
  • X-Case


    Casing-in machine

    SizeSize max cm 46x50
    VelocitàSpeed 200 books/hour
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