FormatoSize max cm 50x32,5
VelocitàSpeed 1000 cycles/hour

VIP Press & End Paper

SD30 VIP Press & End Paper

Product examples realized by Vip Press & End Paper.

The VIP Press & End Paper is the first in the line of VIP machines for hard cover book production. It presses the sewn (or perfect bound) book block to make it uniformly thick and then glues the front and rear endpapers onto it.

The machine consists of:

  • In feed belt for manual or automatic feeding of book blocks;
  • Spine pressing station;
  • A device for application of a 4 mm thick strip of cold glue on both sides of the spine; Double end paper feeder;
  • End paper mounting system;
  • End paper pressing system;
  • Semi-automatic size change.


Alternative machines

  • Macchina per garza

    Iota Reverse

    Machine for endpapers and gauze

    Risguardi con garza
    FormatoSize cm 32 x 32
    300 pieces/hour

Complementary machines

  • VIP Gauze

    VIP Gauze

    Book back gluing and lining machine

    SD31 Garza
    max cm 50x32,5
    1000 cycles/hour
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