FormatoSize Max. book size: 400 mm
VelocitàSpeed 500 pieces/hour


Product examples realized by Phantom

The Phantom is a newly developed machine that can trim or round the corners of bookblocks, soft cover books, diaries, paper reams, PU and other products and materials. The machine has two cutting heads able of performing a clean cut, either straight or round, in a single machine stroke. The cutting mechanism consists of a blade and a counterblade, both of which are made of HSS so as to esure a long lifetime.


Complementary machines

  • Zagor rimboccatrice angolo tondo


    Corner Rounding Machine

    FormatoSize Max. case width: 320 mm
    VelocitàOutput up to 500 pieces/hour
  • asso


    Pen Loop Machine

    FormatoSize case max. 320 mm
    VelocitàOutput up to 500 pieces per hour
  • Guizzo


    Elastic band machine

    FormatoSize Max. spine length: 320 mm
    VelocitàSpeed max 500 pieces/hour
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