Formato Size cm 33 x 32
Speed Speed 300 pieces/hour
Iota Iota is a compact machine that attaches the front and rear end papers onto the book block lining band. The changeover consists of reprogramming the band length according to the book spine length and the space between the heated blades according to the book block thickness. It consists of:
  • Automatic cover feeder / manual feeder;
  • An operator that places end papers in the gluing station and two heated plates to melt the glue present on the impregnated band so that the end papers stick to it;
  • A band feeder that cuts the spool of special impregnated band into pieces whose length corresponds to the book spine;
  • A transport belt that ejects the product onto a delivery tray.


Alternative machines

  • VIP Gauze

    VIP Gauze

    Book back gluing and lining machine

    SD31 Garza
    Formato Size max cm 50x32,5
    Velocità Speed 1000 cycles/hour
  • VIP End Paper

    VIP Press & End Paper

    Spine pressing and end paper gluing machine

    SD30 VIP Press & End Paper
    Formato Size max cm 50x32,5
    Velocità Speed 1000 cycles/hour

Complementary machines

  • X-Case


    Casing-in machine

    Size Size max cm 46x50
    Velocità Speed 200 books/hour
  • Roby Junior 2

    Roby Junior 2

    Case maker

    Copertine 3 pezzi
    Size Size max cm 50x70
    Speed Speed 250 cycles/hour