FormatoMax size 320x700 mm
300 pieces/hour

Iota Reverse is a compact machine that attaches the front and rear end papers onto the book block lining band. An operator places end papers in the gluing station and two heated plates to melt the glue present on the impregnated band so that the end papers stick to it. 


Alternative machines

Complementary machines

  • X-Case cube

    X-Case Cube

    Casing-in machine

    SizeMax size  500x450 mm
    SpeedSpeed 200 books/hour
  • X-Forming 3

    X Forming Cube

    Book pressing and joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    SizeMax size 500x320 mm
    SpeedSpeed 200 books/h
  • Roby Zero

    Roby Zero

    Case maker

    Copertine 3 pezzi
    FormatoMax size 540x740 mm
    VelocitàSpeed 150 cycles/hour
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