FormatoSize max cm 48
SpeedSpeed 300 cycles/hour


SD5 Cimatic

Product examples realized by Cimatic. 

The Cimatic forms the joints of the book in order to achieve the necessary hinge effect during opening. The joints also gives the book its traditional look.
The joints are pressed with heated blades, one fixed and one movable. The movable blade is driven by a pneumatic cylinder and is activated by a pedal.

To achieve optimum result with various types of covering material, the operator has three settings at his disposal: a thermostat to set the temperature of the blades, a pressure gauge to set the pressing force and a pedal with which he can choose the pressing duration.

No adjustment is required according to the thickness of the book.


Alternative machines

  • X Forming

    X Forming

    Book pressing and joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    FormatoSize max cm 50x32,5
    SpeedSpeed 500 cycles/hour

Complementary machines

  • Special


    Book press

    SD32 Special
    SizeSize max cm 38x55
    Stack heightStack height cm 44
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