FormatoSize max cm 45
VelocitàSpeed 250 cycles/hour

The Beta is a simple machine which perfectly rounds the spine of the book case, irrespective of its thickness and the type of covering material used.
The main element of the machine is a heated drum with several moulds corresponding to various book thicknesses. The operator turns the drum until the mould that suits the current book best is in the top position. He also sets the distance between the two upper pressing blades according to the book thickness.

The operator then lays an open case, face up, onto the mould. By pressing a pedal the two blades squeeze the case on either side of the book spine, ensuring sharp edges. The spine is pressed against the heated mould until it assumes its rounded shape.
This machine has a sturdy build and is mounted on castor wheels.


Complementary machines

  • Saturno


    Book block rounding machine

    SD16 Saturno
    FormatoSize max cm 50
    VelocitàSpeed 300 cycles/hour
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