FormatoSize case max. 320 mm
VelocitàOutput up to 500 pieces per hour
The Asso is a newly developed machine for the application of pen loops onto hard covers. After the operator inserts a case or a finished book into the machine, the elastic band is cut from a spool in predetermined length, placed and glued onto the case in such a way that it forms an elastic loop able of holding a pen or a pencil of various thicknesses.


Complementary machines

  • Phantom


    Corner trimming/rounding machine

    FormatoSize Max. book size: 400 mm
    VelocitàSpeed 500 pieces/hour
  • Zagor rimboccatrice angolo tondo


    Corner Rounding Machine

    FormatoSize Max. case width: 320 mm
    VelocitàOutput up to 500 pieces/hour
  • Guizzo


    Elastic band machine

    FormatoSize Max. spine length: 320 mm
    VelocitàSpeed max 500 pieces/hour
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