FormatoFormat max cm 45x50x7
VelocitàSpeed 500 libri/ora
X-Case Cube Plus is a semi-automatic version of the X-Case Cube. It has the following additional features:
  • Book block feeding station;
  • Automatic opening of the book block at the middle and placing on the blade


Alternative machines

  • X-Case Cube Plus

    Casing-in machine

    FormatoFormat max cm 45x50x7
    VelocitàSpeed 500 libri/ora
  • E.S.B. 2.0

    Box covering machine

    FormatoSize max. cm 42x40x12
    VelocitàSpeed 1200 cycles/ora
  • Kissy

    Semi-automatic gluing machine with vacuum belt.

    FormatoOpen case size max. cm 75x100
    VelocitàSpeed 600 pcs/h
  • X-Case cube

    X-Case Cube

    Casing-in machine

    SizeSize max cm 40x50
    SpeedSpeed 200 books/hour
  • X-Forming 3

    X Forming Cube

    Book pressing and joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    SizeSize max cm 50x32,5
    SpeedSpeed 8 cycles/min
  • CT 150

    Corner tape machine

    CT 150 Box
    FormatoMax size max. cm 50x50x5
    VelocitàSpeed 300 pezzi/ora
  • B.ON.D

    Solution for production of luxury boxes

    FormatoSize max cm 42x40x12h min  cm 8x8x1h

    Mechanical speed
    600 - 1.200 pieces/h

Complementary machines

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