Roby Junior 2 is compact and versatile semi-automatized case maker suitable both for short and medium runs and can produce a gluing unit integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot, animal glue, the unit can also be used with cold, vinyl glue.


Alternative machines

  • Roby 1800 XL

    Roby 1800 XL

    Automatic casemaker

    SD21 Copertina 5 pezzi con triangolo aperta
    FormatoSize max cm 60x100
    VelocitàSpeed 1400 cycles/hour
  • Roby Zero

    Roby Zero

    Case maker

    Copertine 3 pezzi
    FormatoMax size 540x740 mm
    VelocitàSpeed 150 cycles/hour
  • Roby Junior 2 VAS
    SizeMax size 540x740 mm
    SpeedSpeed 250 cycles/hour

Complementary machines

  • X-Case Plus Cube

    Casing-in machine

    FormatoMax size 500x305x70 mm
    VelocitàMechanical speed 300 books/h
  • X-Case cube

    X-Case Cube

    Casing-in machine

    SizeMax size  500x450 mm
    SpeedSpeed 200 books/hour
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