Complementary machines are dedicated to personalize and improve of the aesthetic aspects of the book.

  • Angolar

    Angolar M

    Corner cutting machine

    Taglia Angoli - Macchina Angolatrice
    ThicknessThickness5 cm

  • Macchina per garza

    Iota Reverse

    Machine for endpapers and gauze

    Risguardi con garza
    FormatoSize cm 32 x 32
    300 pieces/hour
  • VIP End Paper

    VIP Press & End Paper

    Spine pressing and end paper gluing machine

    SD30 VIP Press & End Paper
    FormatoSize max cm 50x32,5
    VelocitàSpeed 1000 cycles/hour
  • VIP Gauze

    VIP Gauze

    Book back gluing and lining machine

    SD31 Garza
    max cm 50x32,5
    1000 cycles/hour
  • Cimatic

    Cimatic 04

    Joint forming machine

    SD5 Cimatic
    FormatoSize max cm 48
    SpeedSpeed 300 cycles/hour
  • Special

    Special 85

    Book pressing machine

    SD32 Special
    SizeSize max cm 38x55
    Stack heightStack height cm 44
  • Capri

    Capri 2

    Head and tail banding machine

    SD1 Capitello
    FormatoSize max cm 47
    SpessoreThickness cm 5
  • Press Oro

    Press Oro 35

    Gold embossing machine

    SD18 Press Oro
    FormatoSize max cm 28x35
    VelocitàSpeed 300 cycles/hour
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