Zechini solutions for the automatic production of covers

Zechini has a complete range of case-in machines that can be used individually or in combination with other bookbinding machines, to create a complete book production line.
Different solutions for small, medium and large productions that answer to the needs of cover production.
Extremely easy to use and versatile, the solutions guarantee good economy in operation.


Roby Zero: the case maker with joystick.

Roby Zero is an easy-to-use casing machine with a quick size change ideal for small and medium-sized productions of covers. It has a hot gluing system (or cold glue with vinyl glue) also suitable for gluing the internal dashboard, a motorized device for positioning the materials, an integrated joystick that controls the complete system and many other features that simplify the work.

Size Max: 50 x 70 cm

150 covers/hour

Roby Junior 2:
the case maker

Roby Junior 2 is compact and versatile semi-automatized case maker e rimboccatrice suitable both for short and medium runs and can produce a gluing unit integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot, animal glue, the unit can also be used with cold, vinyl glue.

Size Max: 50 x 70 cm

250 cycles/hour

Roby 1800:
automatic casmaker

Roby 1800 casemaker can produce: single-piece cases for files inside lining can be performed in second pass, three-piece cases for hard cover books, cases made of up to 5 pieces, for special products such as sample catalogues, calendars, diaries, religious books.

Size Max: 60 x 100 cm

1400 covers/hour

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