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Roberto Zechini

Roberto Zechini

Fiorino Zechini’s son, founder of the company, he supported his father from an early age, thus discovering his passion for design. Today it deals with the design and development of new products, their production and all the technical part. In addition, he commercially deals with the Eastern countries.

Fulvio Zechini

Fulvio Zechini

Son of art, he joins to the family business to follow his father’s footsteps. He is the administrative and management soul of Zechini and also he is responsible for the commercial and marketing organization. Regarding the sales, it directly deals with the Americas.

Simona Cascio

Marketing & Communication

Elena Kulaha

Eastern countries commercial manager

Dejan Mamula

Europe commercial manager

Mauro Zanette

Administrative manager

Alice Ponti

CEO Assistant & Sales

Valter Mulazzani

Technical support and installation manager

Alessandro Argentiero

Technical area manager

Davide Cichetti

Technical office and prototypes manager

Eliano Airoldi

Purchasing manager


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