Zechini designs, develops and commercializes quality equipment for bookbinding and paper converting worldwide.

Currently, the brothers Fulvio and Roberto Zechini run a lean and efficient organization. They rely on more than 65 years of experience and have built an extensive sales network that serves more than 30 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, the United States and Latin America.
Zechini is among the leaders of the bookbinding machinery market in Italy. Additionally, the current export abroad is flourishing and accounts for 80% of the total turnover.

Zechini produces equipment mainly aimed at companies that have a production capacity of medium-low runs and special requests. The three main business units are:

  • Bookbinding
  • Packaging
  • Robotics

In the recent years, Zechini has developed machinery for the production of a luxury packaging line. Our daughter company ZetaPunto® provides robotic solutions for Pick & Place applications.


Interno Uffici Zechini

A solid Italian history of innovation and quality

Laboratorio Produzione Zechini






Zechini is based in Vimodrone, near Milan. The history of Zechini is a typical example of the genius entrepreneurship that has led to the foundations of Italy’s industrial development in the second half of the 20th century.

The company is founded in 1952 in Milan by Fiorino Zechini and has rapidly evolved. From an initial artisan-sized company Zechini has developed into a small, family-run
metalworking industry. Fiorino’s wife Teresa Sola and later on their two sons Roberto and Fulvio joined the company too.

Over the years, the product quality reinforces the company’s position in Italy what allows to enter foreign markets as well.

The attention to the production needs of clients leads Zechini to develop and propose innovative models and technological solutions.
In 1995 the Finishing division was created ahead of its time. The aim was to study and create specific equipment for the digital printing sector.

The company is lead by the intuition to establish a commercial partnership with Xerox’s digital press division to stimulate innovation.


Flexibility and assistance beyond the standards

Sede Uffici ZechiniZechini designs and produces its own machinery. This enables the company to offer customers personalized solutions in addition to its catalog of standard options.

Zechini proves to be a reliable partner thanks to its attention to requests, flexible production, a wide range of possibilities for customization and a typically Italian versatility. These are the values that make the difference. The company takes care of its customers even after the purchase with a set of specialized assistance and continuous services over time.

Zechini is the ideal partner for all companies in the bookbinding, paper converting and packaging industries.

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