B.ON.D system gains Àncora’s trust

The tradition-rich Milan publishing house Àncora has always been synonymous with high standard of quality and service, something that is easy to see in the finish of its creations and the professional attitude and competence of its staff.

Àncora has always followed technological trends – they choose state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing products of the highest quality while being competitive on the price with respect to traditional manufacturing methods. This is a quality they share with Zechini.

Right upon its arrival earlier this year the Zechini B.ON.D system for production of luxury boxes on demand has attracted the interest of Àncora. They immediately comprehended its potential: making boxes that are customized in terms of size and finish, fast and cost-effectively. This was just the thing for the continuously growing luxury packaging market that Ancora work in.

After visiting the Zechini Open house dedicated to the B.ON.D system and experiencing the fast changeover and the outstanding product quality first-hand, Àncora immediately started negotiations for the purchase of a system. Today a B.ON.D system is already in their Milan plant and as of September it will be fully operational and ready to produce boxes on demand.

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